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Learn how to travel from mid-life to well Beyond, even in your 60s, 70s and 80s with confidence, Purpose, Health, Energy & Mobility

The Peri-Menopause to Beyond course shows you how to adjust your Mindset and Lifestyle so you gain insights about your Purpose | Health | Energy | Mobility from today to well Beyond into the Future.

In this course, I show how you can be confident about having a future where you still can achieve a lot.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much time, I understand this. It is about adjusting most things you already do so you get real benefits to walk with confidence into your future.

What I share and give you in this course has benefited many clients as well as attendees to my first ever 4-day masterclass.

No fluff, no silly things - only actionable steps that show you how to start and travel this journey.

When you join the Menopause & Beyond course
you learn, from perimenopause onwards how to adjust what you do daily to support your physical and mental health & energy

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    What people are saying about the Menopause & Beyond experience

    I just want to thank Anne for the programme - as I work with the elderly, I see how invaluable this information is. I am more confident going forward into my future. The information you share has helped my physical health on many levels, my body feels stronger and it feels more resilient.



    Anne has delivered a fantastic online course. It was a real eye opener for all age groups. Each topic came well prepared and Anne's enthusiasm is real, you really do not want to miss this. I more than enjoyed it and have experienced real benefits from what she shares.

    Maaike Simpson


    I love the journey to Greater Later Living by applying the knowledge you shared. Anne, you are an inspiration and a testimony of the effectiveness of everything you have taught us during this workshop, with love and respect

    Nellie Fung


    Thank you for creating these exercises, they are simple yet useful and we should be doing them regularly for strong muscles. I plan to incorporate these throughout my day!!! I am 66, and these will be a good addition to my daily routine. Thank you!

    Maureen Fagan

    New York

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