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Natural FaceLift Method (NFL)

Refresh | Rejuvenate | Restore

Facial Features Naturally @ Home

Healthy facial skin is naturally radiant, expressing energy into the world.

Living life, we experience different emotions such as anxiety, stress or grief. Your face reflects this to the world and habitual facial expressions are formed leading to muscles and skin forming lines, dips, etc. These may become 'permanent' with time.

Beyond Menopause is another time in your life where the quality and strength of your facial muscles and skin change due to hormonal changes.

The Natural FaceLift Method is a wonderful, totally natural tool that helps prevent and delay early onset changes. My personal experience clearly shows that you can still recover a face with reduced lined, increased plumpness and fullness with stronger muscles and healthier skin.

Refresh | Rejuvenate your Face! ==>

Some of the Benefits of Natural Facelift Method

Clear Congestion in Skin

Skin is our largest organ and it reflects internal health. Congestion is cleared in skin layers with improved lymph and blood circulation

Boost Collagen & Elastin

Simple techniques stimulate the natural production of Collagen and Elastin which help to build stronger skin layers

Strengthen Facial Muscles

Strong Facial Muscles support the skin. This softens existing lines and prevents the early onset of new ones as well as sagging skin


I started with a 'damaged canvas'
It took me longer as I was trialing the techniques.
Following the steps in the course will help you to get much quicker results!

What is NFL?

The Natural FaceLift Method (NFL) is non-invasive and does not require expensive products. The method produces firmer skin, softens existing lines and promotes healthy cells in the skin.

This 3-step method takes less than 5min/day.

What are some Benefits

Congestion in the skin cells is cleared, eliminating waste materials. Blood flow is activated bringing nutrients to all cells so the skin is healthier.

Collagen and Elastin production is boosted strengthening all skin layers.

As a Facial Reflexologist, I know from working with clients that practicing NFL supports general wellbeing

When are Results Visible

Many women will see changes within days of practicing the routine daily. You can start focusing on the areas that need more attention.

Like going to the gym, daily practice Refreshes | Rejuvenates your face as the skin and muscles are tightened and healthier.

About Anne's Results

The photos on the right show the progressive change I achieved. These changes led to the creation of the Natural FaceLift Method.

The photo on the left prompted me to take action as the face I saw in this photo didn't match the mental image I had of my face.

PLEASE NOTE: I started trialing the techniques on my face when I was 64 and then saw clear changes as my face plumped up (65 years) and then lines softened (66 years)

63 year             65 years           66 years


About Me

Seeing 'that' photo that was taken when I was 63, I didn't recognize myself. This prompted me to take action!

As a Facial Reflexologist, I had some tools and did further research to Refresh | Rejuvenate | Restore my facial features.

I still use the method today and at 72, my face looks healthier, fresher and more plumped up than 9/10 years ago!

If I can do it, starting with a 'damaged canvas', you can too!

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