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Ease Anxiety / Stress

from Peri-Menopause onwards

As hormones change, you may lose control over your life and your 'normal' routine.

Waves of Anxiety may wash over you, and you wonder how you can ease these unsettling feelings.

There are steps you can take that will ease these feelings.

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The course covers many aspects of how feeling anxious can affect your wellbeing. The tools I share are easy to implement and are non-invasive without extra spending.

Learn how to incorporate tips and proven Reflexology techniques in your life to ease the feelings of anxiety that wash over you. These tips do not take hours out of your day. The opposite actually happens, you will regain hours in your day :)

Using these tips improves many physical and mental responses, easing them so you are more confident on how you feel and respond to your life.

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About Me

I have experienced waves of anxiety washing over me for no apparent reason as I went through menopause. I have also worked with clients who experienced the same.

Benefits were experienced as waves of anxiety eased.

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