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Holistic Practitioner

Since 1999 I have practiced the following modalities as a certified Clinical Reflexologist and learned more since. Using the body/mind approach, I have seen great benefits for women going through PMS, conception and menopause as hormonal production was balanced and general energy and mobility also improved.

  • Reiki

  • I have been a Reiki Master channel since 1998, it is a natural healing energy that benefits us at all levels

  • Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

  • researched technique that focusses on the lymphatic system. Excessive fluids and waste materials are flushed. This is beneficial for lymphoedema and many other health conditions as cells become healthier, including during Menopause & Beyond

  • Foot & Hand Reflexology

  • Practiced thousands of years across the world, it was mapped out by Dr FitzGerald, and ear, nose and throat specialist in the late 1800's.

    I have practiced Reflexology since 1999. All body parts and systems are reflected on both feet and hands. Working these projections helps the body to find a new, healthier balance which is beneficial for all age groups and life phases, including Menopause & Beyond

  • Facial Reflexology

  • The original method was created by Prof Châu, a Vietnamese Professor in Acupuncture. Points and body reflections on the face can effectively be worked. This helps improve relaxation and ease symptoms including during Menopause & Beyond

  • Auricular Therapy = Ear Reflexology

  • This ancient method has been used for more than 2000 years across the world and civilizations for healing purposes. In 1956, Dr Paul Nogier mapped out the reflection of the body on the ears, the

    Chinese further standardized the process

  • Foot Mobilization

  • Using this method since 2004, I have seen improvements in balance and foot mobility which all support posture and general mobility as we go through life, Menopause & Beyond. This helps feeling secure when walking as we age

Lifestyle Coach

Today I still have lots of energy and mobility and with the experience of living my life for the past 71½ years and working with clients in my successful private practice, I have gained great insights as well as learned so many of life's lessons and I am passionate to empower you to implement them in your life so you can live a life with energy, purpose and mobility

In my early 60s, I had a light bulb moment and realized I had been so privileged to be able to see the lessons that came my way through family, friends, neighbours and clients and I could also clearly see what life still had to offer thanks to 2 amazing role models I had in my life.

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Generally, Lifestyle Coaching looks to support you to achieve personal goals.

Starting with helping you to identify how you look at your future from peri-menopause to Beyond, I help to empower you to find new ways to gain energy, clarity, purpose and mobility today for well into the future, even in your 70s, 80s and beyond.

Other courses on offer help ease some of the issues/symptoms you experience going through hormonal changes.

I Help You

  • gain insights into a future with possibilities

  • attain greater fulfillment

  • increase vitality

  • decrease stress

  • improve clarity

  • improve general wellbeing

  • improve mobility

  • work on relationships

  • About Anne

    As mentioned above, I have been on this planet for 72½ years and have worked with clients since 1999.

    In the past few years, I gained so many more insights on what can support younger women when the change of life starts so that they know what steps they can implement at a younger age for a healthier, more energetic and mobile future, well into their 60s, 70s and 80s.


    The exercises are simple yet useful and we should be doing them regularly for strong muscles. The pictures are useful and your exercise steps clear and easy to follow

    I love the journey to Greater Later Living by applying the knowledge you shared. You are an inspiration and a testimony of the effectiveness of what you teach

    I work with the elderly; I see how invaluable this information is. I am more confident going forward into my future. The information you share has helped my physical health on many levels

    Online Coaching Resources

    Check these out

    Find Your New You

    Set Your Goals

    Face the Challenge

    Reward Yourself

    You can implement the simple thoughts and steps I share with you. This helps you to be clear about your

    Old You and the options you have to be the New You

    Your life is full and I hear you, how much time is this going to take 🥺

    I have been there and totally understand this. This is why I share information that is easy to integrate with what you are already doing;  it won't take loads of hours of money!

    Do you have any questions? Let's have a chat - no obligation


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