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As women we are often led to believe that we are OLD as we reach Menopause. Many women feel less valuable and invisible.

Throughout life, we look after others, support our families and then suddenly all this seems to change and we may feel unimportant and no longer needed. The media doesn't help, the workforce has hurdles as we are no longer seen as a valuable member.

Society in general labels us as OLD but know you are OK! TOTALLY OK!

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About Anne

Anne Hilarius-Ford is a Holistic Practitioner since 1999 and a Lifestyle Advocate based in Coolangatta QLD, Australia.

She is now 72, mother of 2 and grandmother of 3, and is passionate about sharing what life and clients have taught her. Anne is energetic and focused on living her life to the full and is passionate about giving you the confidence to do Greater Later Living when you reach midlife and during Menopause & Beyond.

She shares what she has learned from life and what she knows supports her clients.


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